You Want To Join Top Book Club In Africa?
Members of Thinkerspool Book Club

You Want To Join Top Book Club In Africa?

Reading is essential to human growth and development, it is hard to come across super achievers in a modern world who are not readers. The reality of our time is; we have access to more information than any other generation in human history, but our achievement is not in the right proportion to this access. What could be wrong?

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Members of Thinkerspool Book Club

Everyone is a reader, this is something that we realized as an organization, but not everyone read text that will have compounding positive impact in their lives. Whether on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat, Telegram or Pinterest, we are all reading something every day of our lives. So why do you think that being a reader is something special and extraordinary? No, it is not.

There is a saying that modern problems require a modern solution, the problem of reading culture is that we have lots of activities and limited time, lots of social media activities are competing for our attention, this is the sad reality. But we cannot afford to jeopardize mental development for endless social interaction.

People ask lots of questions like; how can I join the book club when I live in a remote place, far from the city? Some would say I can’t even afford to attend weekly discussions.

Thinkerspool is a WhatsApp group for book lovers, some call it WhatsApp group for book readers. Well, it is all about books, primarily. For those who are looking forward to joining an online book club in Nigeria, we are the most organized online readers’ group in this space.

Why Should You Join Us?

We started reading together as far as 2016, beyond being the most preferred online book club on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram, we have organized a lot of programs like the debates, annual book-selfe, lectures, and intellectual games. Thinkerspool book club has read more than 80 books together since establishment in 2016!

Amongst us are professionals in different fields, intelligent students who prioritize mental awareness as they grow in their academic pursuit. We collaborate to make Africa great, we have codes of conduct that guides our activities. These ensure order on the platform, we are one big family helping ourselves to grow, soaring higher above barriers. We look forward to welcoming new members into our family as long as you are a reader who is ready to abide by the guidelines of a decent club. You are welcome.

For more information about Thinkerspool, visit our website at or reach us on


Abimbola: +2348184419936

Seed: +2348103003638

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Our Members Had First Book Club Picnic In University of Lagos

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