Some folks opine that this book is nothing more than a compilation of different articles on commonsense topics, maybe they are right and maybe not, but the fact that many people gave credence to teachings in this book cannot be downplayed. Oftentimes, not all principles that are captured in prints are correct in practice. It is quite bizarre when an author instructs his readers to practice what he preaches in its entirety.


Personally, readers should read books by applying Pareto’s principle, whenever they read a great book, endeavor to highlight the most useful aspect of its teachings which is usually about 20%, and put it into practice in order to achieve self-growth and development.
Napoleon hills, in his classic book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ he told us a very interesting story about how his deaf son leveraged on the power of faith, how he grew up to become one of the most successful physically challenged individuals in his generation.
All thanks to the power of faith and his father’s (Napoleon Hill) insistence that he would neither allow him to learn sign language nor attend handicap school.

In another chapter, where he talked about the power of infinite intelligence, he said: “paid prayers are a waste of time and money, for infinite intelligence does no business by proxy.” This is a powerful statement, memorize the quote and continue to preach it to family and friends. This has to be understood by Africans, especially those that believe in paying spiritual businessmen and women for divine intervention. Lots of answers to our prayers can be found in great books that we’ve learned to neglect, Think and Grow Rich is one of those.

Also towards the last chapter, the concept of sex transmutation is very insightful and helpful, in fact, it was backed up with facts and examples. Napoleon proved it beyond doubt that sex emotion is the strongest of all emotions when it is rightly mixed with love emotion, it produces amazing results in the lives of individuals. It can shorten the distance that exists between you and success. Though other types of emotions were explained in this chapter, however, love and sex emotion remain the strongest.

This book cannot help you all alone in your search for wealth, but it will provide the basic knowledge about how to acquire it. Read more, think more and get richer.

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