Review of A Humanistic Approach to Nigeria’s Most Controversial Issues

Review of A Humanistic Approach to Nigeria’s Most Controversial Issues

All African countries are conservative by nature and Nigeria is not an exception. Nigeria is a secular country but we have arranged things in such a way that a quick peek through the daily lives of Nigerians will lead you to so many awful conclusions.

For Open Minds

In a part, we are a nation ripped apart by the identity crisis, both of religion and tribe, while at large, our sympathy with ignorance and very large strains of anti-intellectualism are very resounding. All these are not without consequences, chiefly among them are; the total bastardization of the whole concept of human rights and dignity, which has manifested itself in numerous ways: Religious intolerance, terrorism, bigotry, nepotism, homophobia, corruption, insecurity And close-mindedness to the goodies that comes from the culture of enlightenment, viz. Science, reason, and humanism.

The worst of our dilemma is that there is no conscious discussion going on about these issues, and without these discussions, we can be sure there can never be any improvements. Nigeria has a stiff culture that proclaims people who are advanced in opinion and have refused to have the herd mentally as dissidents, the black sheep, meant to be left alone, and ill-fated, never to be believed or understood.

It is because of this status quo, that the contributors of these short book had written it, we hope to disturb the settling water and arouse public interest on these ‘taboo’ subjects, and we most importantly, we hope that after reading this book, Nigerians will grow up with us and leave aside all childish things.

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