Meet African Youngest Published Author As Thinkerspool Book Club Interviews Her
Miss Oluebube Sharon

Meet African Youngest Published Author As Thinkerspool Book Club Interviews Her

Host: Thinkerspool Book Club
Anchor: Macbobby Precious

Her Short Bio

Nigeria/Africa’s youngest author was born on April 11, 2000. She started writing at the age of 5 but presented her first published book on her 6th birthday, April 11, 2006.

the youngest published author in africa
Miss Oluebube Sharon

Mac: Alright! The time has come.
I want to plead with the audience to sit back and enjoy the session for 35 minutes until the platform is opened for them to ask questions.

This is an excellent achievement, I must confess. What is more exciting is that she is noted as the second-youngest female published author in the world by the Guinness Book of Records!!
Miss Sharon, can you add any extra info to this?

Miss Sharon: By the grace of God I’ve received 13 awards.

Mac: The purpose of this interview is to meet with one of the young genius minds in the spotlight in our own country, Nigeria.
Furthermore, I must mention that this material, as well as every information given by the Source and members of the Thinkerspool book club, will be used.
Well, I’ve got a few questions pricking my mind and thank you for the chance to ask them

Mac: What prompted you to begin writing at that tender age of 5?

Miss Sharon: My dad is a writer and I just wanted to write and be like him, before then.

Mac: Can you tell us about this day? How did you get to win the Kwame Nkrumah Young Genius Award? How did it feel like to be youngest amid award winners, and about the 12 other awards?

Miss Sharon: I was nominated and sent a letter to receive the Kwame Nkrumah Young Genius Award in Ghana but I couldn’t go because it was during the period I had exams, so it was held in Nigeria so I could receive my award.
I thank God for them all, I don’t feel special about it rather I feel I should work harder.

Mac: You’ve met with world- and nationwide renowned men. I would love to know which one of them you were most delighted to meet, and why.

Miss Sharon: I love the fact that I met Professor Wole Soyinka and we had a long discussion about writing, then I also met with grandma Marbel Segun the poet, playwright, and broadcaster, a wonderful woman even at age 88, professor J.P Clark who took time out to tell me the secrets in writing a good book.

Mac: You’ve met a lot of people who matter in this century and nation. Do you think it’s the result of your hard work or its something outside your making?
Most young people would love to know…

Miss Sharon: Being in the right place at the right time and of course my hard work place me where I am now, I also know I have to work harder to go higher.

Mac: More grease to your elbow, Miss Sharon.

Miss Sharon: Thanks.

Mac: How do you build characters? From research, inspiration, or reality?

Miss Sharon: Inspiration.

Mac: Alright, in a couple of words, please do tell us about your very first book; Freedom – I believe it is…

Miss Sharon: Freedom is about a young boy named Freedom and wanting to be like his name ends up experiencing the unexpected because of his association with his friend called Stubborn.

Miss Sharon: At the age of 5+, you wrote a novel. What about your past publications, are they novels too?
And will there be any new genre of literature other than prose?

Miss Sharon: There are no past publications and for now I write only prose.

Mac: Fact noted.

Finally, How do you think we can improve reading and writing culture in the mind of the young Nigerian?

Miss Sharon: By donating books to school, encouraging them to have a library and as part of their extracurricular activities, a book club should be organized where they can discuss the book.

Mac: We all have one collective vision then.

On this note, I want to say thank you, Ebube, for your openness and time. Thanks for granting us this interview session.

We look forward to having you back another time.

Miss Sharon: You are welcome and thank you for having me on your platform.

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