Born or made as a leader, this is another book that deserves to have space in your shelf, J.C. Maxwell’s leadership laws are highly succinct and useful in your day-to-day activities as a leader. The laws were supported by real-life evidence, leadership anecdotes and stories that you’d know but which has never been uncovered before in this manner. This book gave an insight about what you may have been doing before, but in a wrong way, and things that you have been doing poorly. If it is true that the universe conspires on behalf of determined people, you may consider this book as nature’s gift to you. There are several books from the same author, but this one feels different and thought-provoking.


All the laws are timeless, also, it will open your mind to leadership potential that is in you, then you begin to assess your leadership skills as you open subsequent pages.
Recently, James met with a friend that bluntly told him that she hates to lead in any capacity because of the pressure that comes as a result of leading people, she said: “I hate when people look up to me in other to get things done.” Only if she can read this book, then she will be able to understand the benefit of learning how to delegate. Maxwell said in his book “The higher you want to climb, the more you need leadership.” Consequently, the greatest limitation you can set for yourself is to stop thinking like a leader.

In every 10 book recommendations on leadership, J.C. Maxwell has to have one in this category. Oftentimes, he enjoys using his leadership experience as teaching examples, but this book is slightly different in this regard, as he drew examples from experiences of other great leaders who during their lifetime, obeyed or transgressed against some of these laws. Many people don’t know that Henry Ford had some leadership flaws until they read this book, despite his mistakes, you will still admire other parts of him, and he is a man loved by many. What this means is that information in this book will help you build on leadership qualities that you have, then open up your mind to potentials in trying out other leadership skills.

Finally, Thinkerspool Online Book Club would have given 4.2 stars rating to this book if it had not focused more on sports and religious leadership, but 4.0 stars are fair enough. It is tempting to say that there are only a few books that have ever taught leadership in story form like this. Download this book and read, we anticipate your personal review afterward.
The first step towards becoming a great leader is to read a great book, are you still hesitating to download this book? Remember, it is free!

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