Can’t Get Yourself to Write? You need a Writing Mentor

Can’t Get Yourself to Write? You need a Writing Mentor

Do you aspire to become a writer? Or as a blogger your post isn’t captivating enough to feed your audience’s appetite? Or you are experiencing ups and downs in your writing journey? Then you need a Writing Mentor.

Getting a writing mentor is one recommended way of fixing your writing problems. Not only does the mentoring relationship guide you to a desired goal, it affords you the chance to tap from the wealth of experience of accomplished authors.

 Getting honest feedbacks and constructive criticisms from not just your audience but your mentors, makes your writing get better, and improves your creativity. A mentor helps you when you’re stuck in coordinating your ideas, or when you’re at your wits end on how to go further.

How do you get your Writing Mentors?

The style of writing of some accomplished writers should earn your fancy before the search for them. Also, their career track or their unique tale of development should win your interest. Getting these rights sets you on the path to choose the right mentor. However, you should make your profile interesting and attractive to the supposed mentor.

Don’t know how you can connect to a writing mentor?

Identifying your style might be an important step, but it does not stop there. Your genre of writing can also influence your choice of writing mentors. Are you concerned about fiction writing and want to develop your characters and properly picture their milieu in the context of your story? an advanced author of fiction can be of help. If your writing is focused on character development, career advancement and related fields,  advanced writers are available to scout out for. What is important is that you find someone to get you along in your journey.

You  can also find your mentor from online groups or social media chat groups. Identifying with one and actively contributing to discussions can get you on a right footing to earn the interest of a good mentor. If you are required to pay to be a part of a group that promises potentials for your growth, give it a few months of payment and see if it really adds value to your skills before you get further with it. If it falls short of expectation, try another.

You can also search for popular authors in your field of writing on platforms like facebook  and try to connect with them directly. This might prove difficult at first because you may get turned down several times, but you must be persistent to get the attention you desire.

Some aspiring writer would prefer a one-on-one mentoring which is most times a paid one. If you can connect with a writer around your city for this purpose, that can help you address any identified need you feel might be lacking and would need the help of a mentor.

Why A Mentor?

Your mentor will be your inspiration to create a voice of your own, hone your skill and identify the uniqueness of your style. When the writing experience goes dry and uninspiring, your mentor urges you on to keep writing and sustains the zeal. The journey to a choice destination of a matured writer might not be rosy and exciting, but it promises to help you grow in your skill and be a better version of yourself.

Writing mentorship requires time investment and the willingness of the mentee to learn. It also demands a commitment to carry out tasks and meet a stipulated deadline.The writer will need your commitment in the relationship to help you achieve the growth you need.


Each writer has his style, tone, unique voice and target audience; so you need yours. To cultivate a plantation in a forest, you need the help of forest trees to share a part of the earth nutrient to nurture your plantation. When you interact with those who were there before you and seek their input to your growth, you demonstrate a good character of humility which can help you learn the ropes of the trade faster. However, you must avoid making your work a carbon-copy of your mentor’s style. Seek to be unique and be yourself, and the growth you need will come easily.

Contribution by Jimmy Umana

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