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Our story

Thinkerspool is a book club with robust online and offline presence in Nigeria, it was founded on the 1st day of January 2016 with the aim to resuscitate reading culture in Nigeria and Africa in general. It started an online community and the members made the decision to register it with the government in 2017 shortly after our first-year anniversary was marked in Lagos, on 8th January 2017. On the 30th day of October 2018, Thinkerspool book club became registered in Nigeria with registration number RC120092. It became an organization whose activities are recognized by the federal government of Nigeria. 

Beyond online activities, the book club had its first book discussion at CRIMMD (Centre Research Information Management and Media Development) library, Lagos.

Ever since the community has been evolving and fast becoming number one book club in Nigeria. We have made it possible for anyone to read books and discuss it with like minds online, so distance is not a barrier to becoming a member.

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